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New Quito Airport to Otavalo/Cotacachi Rideshare

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Want to share a taxi ride (and the cost) from the new Quito airport to Otavalo or Cotacachi?

This is it. A free service connecting traveling sponsored by Quito Airport Suites.

See below for when travelers have asked to share rides, and use the form to write us with the time and date youd like to share a ride in order for us to publish it to the calendar and see if we can find someone else who wants to share one of our trusted taxis at that time.

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Quito airport to Galapagos

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To go effectively from the Quito airport to Galapagos you will need to catch a flight either with TAME, AERGAL or LAN.  Flights for foreigners are usually around $450 round trip and the passage takes about 2 hours.

Sometimes there are specials for Ecuadorian citizens and residents that are announced in the local paper (for sometimes as low as $150 round trip!)

It is possible to buy the ticket a few hours before flying from the airport ticket point.

Quito airport transfers

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For a transfer from the Quito airport to any place in Ecuador call us and we can arrange it at the lowest prices on the market.

Call us at 2391430 and ask for Dom for assistance in English.

Quito airport pick up

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How can I order an airport pick up?

Usually this is done through your hotel in Quito, if you are not going to stay at ay hotel we can arrange an airport pick up and get you on your way to wherever you need to go.

We also offer an airport pick up to our guests for a nominal extra fee.

For Quito airport transfers click here.

Quito airport customs

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Tips on how to clear the customs at Quito airport painlessly:

Be sure to declare all goods of value, especially cash if it amounts over $10,ooo USD.  If you don´t declare it and they find it you may be subject to a hefty fine.

Be sure to bring in limited amounts of cell phones, TVs and personal computers (maximum 2 per person).

Don´t bring organic materials like plants or animals (without declaring them and taking the necessary precautions beforehand).

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