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  • Quito Airport VIP Lounge

    The Quito Airport VIP Lounge is located after passing security and can only be entered within a few hours of your flight.  The cost for entry is $28 unless it is built into your ticket.  There are recliner chairs, bar and WIFI.

  • Quito airport food restaurants

    The new Quito airport has the following eatery options… Fridays:  A typical sports bar with bar food, burgers, burritos, ribs and more. Amazonia Cafe: A sandwich and coffee shop. De Volada Fast food stand: hot dogs, chips, sandwiches and salads. Johny Rockets:  Diner and fast food.

  • Quito airport free WIFI?

    Is there free wifi in the new Quito airport? Only in a few of the restaurants located in the check in area.  In the gate area after passing through security YES there is free WIFI.

  • Quito airport departure tax or exit fee

    As of 2013, there is no more airport departure tax or exit fee charged in the Quito airport!  it is built into your air ticket.

  • Quito airport transportation

      How to get to and from the new Quito airport? Car rentals Express bus City bus Taxis

  • Quito Airport Taxi

    The official Quito Airport Taxis are marked in yellow and green and are lined up right outside the arrivals exit.  They have set prices and will wisk travelers to Quito for around $25-30. No prior reservations are needed.

  • Quito Airport Bus Station

    The Quito Airport Bus Station with city buses that take passengers to and from the city for around $2 is located in the arrivals area on the far right hand side of the pick up area.  You can often see the green buses lined up, they run from about 5am to 10pm every half hour.…

  • Quito Airport Express Bus

    Quito Airport Express Bus The Quito Airport Express Bus has offices in the arrivals area of the new Quito airport and offers a regular, direct, non-stop service from the new to the old airport for $8 per person and takes about 1 hour to 1 and a half hours.  The bus runs every half hour 24…

  • Quito Airport Car Rental

    Quito Airport Car Rental Providers: Prices start around $30 a day for a small compact car.  All the below have offices and stands in the new Quito airport in the arrivals area. Hertz Quito Airport Budget Quito Airport Localiza Quito Airport Avis Quito Airport Thrifty Quito Airport

  • Quito airport accommodations

    For accommodations within 5 minutes of the new Quito airport terminal try Quito Airport Suites, with breakfast included, WIFI and Cable TV you´ll be sure to have a comfortable stay here…

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