Want to give back to people (and animals) in need and want to do something in Ecuador more interesting than the normal “touristy stuff”?

We have two volunteer 1 DAY ONLY opportunities for our guests!

1. Donate food to Venezuelan refugees and the homeless!  Did you know that there are currently thousands of Venezuelan refugees arriving to Ecuador every day?  Many need help, and we know where they hang out and can take you grocery shopping and then take you in a private car with bilingual guide to give to the people in need directly, NO INTERMEDIARES. NO COST… transport provided free, only cost is what you spend on the food you wish to donate. Minimum 2 people.

2. Donate time and funds to Amici Animal Hospital in Cotacachi.  Help out for the day, play with the animals and donate whatever you wish to homeless animals in need in Ecuador!  Cost including transport to and from hospital from Hotel and lunch included.  $80 per person including RT transport or $50 per person not including transport meaning you could get their by own means or by bus (all proceeds after transport expense go to the animal hospital).  Minimum 2 people. The Hospital is 501C3 certified and you can see more on their Facebook page here. 

For more on either opportunity write us here before arrival or in reception to arrange at least one day in advance, thanks!


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